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What is it? is a web application that allows you to talk about what you consent to without disclosing you would consent to things the people you talk to don't.
This helps avoid awkward situations where others feel pressured to do things they don't want because they know you want them.

How does it work?

(Not at all at the moment but it hopefully will work soon)

It's quite simple: Just go to the setup page and select lists of activities you might consent to. Once you did that, you will be asked to fill out the lists' activities with things you consent to, don't consent to or are unsure about. (yes/ no/ maybe)
Then you can generate personalized links and send them to others who are able to fill out the same list.
Once everyone is finished filling out their lists, they can go to their personalized url to see all activities that everyone has either consented to or are unsure about (the latter will be marked)

How can I help?

  • If you're a coder you can check this project GitHub page and see if you want to submit a PR
  • If you aren't a coder but you've found a bug, you can file an issue about it
  • If you are a security researcher and found a security vulnerability. You can email us at security(at)
  • If you have found an accessibility issue, you can file an issue and additionaly email us at accessibility(at)
  • If you're a decent human being, you can respect other's boundaries and only do stuff they consent to with them.