privacy policy

The people behind care about your privacy.
Like, really care, not this "we care but please give us all your data" caring that some websites pull.
This is why we only store the minimal amount of data we can to provide this service.
We also refrain from including advertisements or browser fingerprinting code in here.

The only cookie this site sets is a so called "Session Cookie".
It is used by the sites' backend to store entered data between pages and (usually) is deleted whenever you close your browser.

We only store the following data about you:

Any custom catalogues, questionaires (and answers given to them) will be deleted two weeks after they have been created.

You may chose to create and share unique access tokens. Using these tokens, it is possible to see your custom question catalogues, questionaires as well as any answers (partially or in full) you have given.

It is the creator of any questionaires' duty to ask everyone they share tokens with if they consent with their answers being visible to everyone else who has one.
We cannot do this since we don't know who the tokens are shared with.

If you have recieved such a token, any answers you give to the linked questionaire may be visible, in full or partially, to everyone else who has recieved a token for the same questionaire as well as the questionaires' creator.

Apart from the abovementioned displaying of catalogues, questionaires and answers, no user data is ever transferred to third parties.

If you have any questions or remarks about this privacy policy, you can send an email to privacy(at)